About Us

We  envision a world without Paper Receipts.
– A world where we  do what  we can  to Save Trees, Water & Oil.
Not taking Paper receipts and start taking Digital receipts after shopping is one of them.

ZeroBill is a Contactless Digital receipt solution, enabling customers to collect their shopping receipts in digital form in Mobile App - at the time of checkout,
and without sharing private information; like email id, mobile number etc with the merchant.

All a customer does is to download ZeroBill mobile app, and after shopping, when the bill has been generated, open the app - scan ZeroBill QR code kept at the checkout counter.
Voila! Your purchase receipt opens up immediately in your phone.

Receipt are stored in your account with highest levels of security, and you and only you can access it – view it later from ZeroBill app.

So, why should you not take Paper receipts ?
- they contain a layer of BPA-BPS chemical, which is absorbed in human body via touch, that is everytime a user handles paper receipt.
- BPA-BPS is an endocrine disturber and its long term exposure is associated with Cancer and number of serious diseases like diabetes, kidney – liver malfunctioning, infertility, child brain development, heart failure and others.
- Receipts are also a common source of pathogens transfer from person to person.
- Talking about environment - For every 50000 digital receipts, one tree is saved from getting cut. In a way, if all the receipts in the world go digital, we can save 100 million trees from getting cut!.
- Not only this, we will also save billions of water and oil from getting consumed.
- 90% of receipts end up in solid dump, creating pollution, as the receipts are not recyclable.
- You never lose digital receipts, and you can access them anytime in future for warranty, refunds or claims purposes. Reduce clutter from your life.

Lets take a pledge to use digital receipts and stop wasting paper.
Go Contactless – Go Digital – Use ZeroBill Receipts
ZeroBill is a mobile application - a product of ZBT Innovations Pvt Ltd., currently available on Android platform
We are expanding rapidly and will be soon available in your nearest store, and also on IOS platform.
You can refer ZeroBill to your friends and family via the mobile app. Also, please recommend any store that you would like to install with ZeroBill QR code.
For contacting us / know more about ZeroBill; Please drop in a note at support@zerobill.app